Tennis Betting Websites — The Ball is in Your Court

Nowadays, tennis is recognized for the resounding grunts and exhilarating gladiator battles. If you haven’t heard, players are dropping like flies under the unforgiving Miami and Melbourne sun as testament to how physically demanding the sport is. The last decade or so has ushered in a new era of tennis, defined by young charismatic risk-takers who do justice to both sport and spectators. On the gambling side of things, not surprisingly, tennis is skyrocketing the numbers. This breathtaking fuzzy balls shootout is converting countless sports fans from all corners of the world and has become a universal language for the best tennis betting sites. The sport certainly doesn’t lack unique individuals or legendary head-to-head battles, which makes the urge to leave a mark in history with a wager even more irresistible to punters.

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Markets in All Shapes and Sizes

After a deliberate research on the tennis markets, the concept for a weaker sex starts to fade off gradually. Tennis celebrates gender equality every step of the way. Somewhere along the lines of mixed doubles, men/women’s doubles or singles lies your perfect cup of tea. Wake up to the endless opportunities—different fields, different setups, tennis betting is not a one-trick-pony. But let’s not blow things out of proportion, for the most part, punters favor singles, in particular, men’s singles.

Who hasn’t heard of the Rafa-Roger rivalry? You can bet your shoes the tennis sportsbooks are daydreaming of a final between the two tennis colossi. Why? Because it’s a close call and it’s hard to stay out of it. What’s in for the astute bettors, however, is tapping the highest odds, as there will be ferocious competition for customers’ attention. The more sensible of punters choose minutely what tournaments to opt-in because they know the top players save it for the competitions where the most points are at stake. Into that category falls the ATP 1000 series, while Grand Slams are in a league of their own. In contrast to ATP, Grand Slams matches are a race to three sets The small tournaments are a dodgy affair and generally, it’s not the brightest idea to dabble with them. On the other hand, Grands Slams are almost guaranteed to give a good bang for your buck, while the sheer number of meets will be another arrow in your quiver.

List of the Best Tennis Betting Websites
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Welcome Bonus — the Stepping Stone to a Devastating Smash

The best cure to date for the weird sports betting compartmentalization is an alluring promotion scheme. Aching for tailored promotions and bonuses? Find them right up the the alley of the best tennis betting sites. A welcome bonus starts the party and unforgettable Grand Slam action tops the bill. Somewhere in between perks out an occasional accumulator bonus. It goes without saying, trawling around for odds and bonuses is a tall order for some.

The perfect case scenario is to embark on your tennis betting journey in the midst of a Grand Slam championship. In that manner, you get to benefit a great deal from the bounty for new customers, and exclusive betting lines into the bargain. With a bulky 100% match bonus, you’ll be the one receiving standing ovations. From that point, you can safely set sail on the winds of an accumulator boost. In the initial stages of the major tennis tournaments one can easily churn out accumulators on account of the uneven matchups, and a percentage boost can amount up to a hefty raise in your bankroll.

Ace Out of Trouble With Cash Out

It’s not easy to get around the fact that every now and again even the top guns deliver and underwhelming performance. You can forget about the bitter taste of a match gone wrong, Cash Out is your one-way ticket out of Dodge City. It certainly shapes up to be a feature of crucial importance in the rare cases of a shocking upset. Now you can just shrug it off complacently with a simple click. The propensive course of action would be as follows: at the first sight of a shift in powers clamp eyes on the odds for cashing out your bet and if favorable – sell it. Whether it is a pre-match or In-Play bet, you may cling to the first window of opportunity and Cash Out. Useful though this feature is, coupled with In-Play, makes for a completely different approach towards sports betting.

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In-Play Betting — Unleash Waves of Galvanizing Action

A foremost tennis betting tip is to evaluate the gravity of the situation before placing wagers. Trying to predict the outcome of a tennis match is somewhat a tall order if done preliminary and will be most likely sentenced to flunk. In-Play betting addresses this issue by giving bettors the chance to place wagers after the start of a tennis match. This market is constantly updated with lines tailored to the individual games.

The wonderful marriage between prop bets and outrights lives up to the expectations of even the most incredulous of bettors. Putting aside the tedious, Game to Deuce, Player Games Won and Game Score jut out a notch in front of the rest in terms of creativity. On variety of counts, sites catering for tennis live betting enthusiasts would offer markets for Number of Games in a set or Match and Player Games Won. And if this isn’t quite cutting it for you, spice up the action with handicaps, 1st Point Winner, and Final Score. The numerous options and dynamics eventually brought us around to the idea that In-Play is a clear winner.

Bet Mobile—Stay on Top of Your Game

Betting through your mobile is the fastest way to place a wagerWhat’s the point of frittering away the time spent on your mobile phone? Didn’t you get the memo? Tennis betting has gone mobile. In truth, mobile betting is now setting the standard, and notching wins with it is all in a day’s work. If you neither have the time nor the patience to dust off your computer change over to mobile and never look back. The best mobile tennis betting sites attend to the common difficulties bettors have and cater for their needs, thus creating an immersive betting experience. Their enhanced functionality factors not so much the essentials of placing wagers as the ease of use and accessibility.

With the major tennis tournaments spread across three continents, you’ll be in way over your head trying to keep up with the fixtures because of the oscillating time difference. Moreover, you can patiently bide your time in the lengthy five-setters, and bet on-the-go only if the time is right. Looks are secondary to performance, albeit by means of the well-structured tennis betting sites for mobile, placing wagers is made seamless in all respects. One can alter the markets with horizontal swipes, or hone their game with advanced gizmo-only attributes.

Pre-Match Betting Lines Strike a Balance Between the Old and the New

The sharp rise of interactive and real-time betting left is with nearly no recollection of how things used to be in the past. Once considered building blocks of sports betting, outrights are still in play and account for a fair amount of tennis betting traffic in their own right. Much as we like the simplicity of outrights, the number of handicaps struck us as a good alternative and is there for the taking.

They are a feasible option not so much for customary matches as for uneven matches, showcasing a clear winner. Trying to predict the probability of a tie-break is a nice touch too because history tends to repeat itself and nowadays the best bookies online are bulging with statistical information to help you in this respect. More often than not, players banking exclusive on their first serve tend to be the prerequisite to tiebreaks. This gives you the idea how the simple tennis know-how translates to a successful betting strategy with the Pre-Match market.

A Quick Recap

So far we’ve learned that, after registering with a tennis betting site, a nice-size welcome bonus is there to prop you up while getting the hang out of it. Finding the next great deal is not a stretch. A number of betting lines will get you up to speed in a heartbeat. Whether some tennis betting sites are attaching more importance to particular tournaments or not, ATP 500/1000 and the Grand Slams are sure to receive extensive coverage. Top that with all-inclusive mobile apps and sites, that provide for significant leverage in your betting routine. Quit procrastinating and join the ranks, the number of amid tennis punters attest to the arousing interest in the endeavor.

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