Paysafecard – Widely Accepted Across the Major Betting Sites

Punters, who live in the fast lane often don’t have time to manage multiple bank accounts let alone keeping track of the accompanying ever-changing terms and condition. The folks of this type are keenly rubbing hands at the sight of a solution like Paysafecard knowing how much time and effort it saves. What started in Austria in the dawn of the 21st century as an alternative to PayPal is now an endorsed payment method in over 40 countries.

Can Paysafecard betting pinch-hit for the ubiquitous credit and debit card deposits that we are so used to? We believe it could add up to a globally accepted means of payment, not just for betting, but for all paid online services. For now, in our Paysafecard review, we’re going to be looking at how exactly resorting to this voucher system can facilitate sports betting.

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What is Paysafecard and How Does it Work?

Paysafecard is a global market leader in online prepaid payment methodsFor want of a better word, the so-called card you can purchase is essentially a pre-paid voucher that is defined by its 16 – digit PIN number. You use the same number to make a deposit in a Paysafecard bookie for example. PINs can be bought from an authorized sales outlet or online from sites like Topmeup. If you want to pay for online operations with cash without leaving personal information in the process, then get in on the act with a respected Paysafecard betting site.

Why Register with Paysafecard?

The primary reason we registered is that we can find all our PINs in one place and manage them through a single payment account. Also, it becomes that much easier to send money – with just a username and password. Upon signing up you’ll be given a Standard status account with the option to upgrade to Unlimited status down the line. It gives you leeway to process bigger payments more frequently. Opting in for my PLUS (Paysafecard’s loyalty programme) too is a big plus. It awards PLUS points to users when they use their account, which can then be used to claim rewards from the my PLUS Shop.

Make a Paysafecard Registration in Three Easy Steps

Given all of the above benefits that come with a personal Paysafecard account, we decided to create one. The registration couldn’t be more run-of-the-mill. Enter names, telephone number and a real e-mail address because you’ll need to check a confirmation e-mail containing a validation number. We did all three steps in a 5 minutes time and without a hitch. The process may vary for different regions, so make sure to follow the on-screen instructions.

List of the Best PaySafeCard Sites
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  • Founded: 1970
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Is Prepaid Better?

To give an unbiased answer that rings true to everyone’s liking will be impossible because there’s no accounting for taste. However, from the position of experienced gamblers, we’ll try and investigate whether counting on prepaid vouchers does more harm than good or is it the other way around.

We fain believe Paysafecard bookies change betting habits for the good, and more importantly, it’s so convenient as if you’re gambling with cash. Besides, it’s so easy to get one. People from all walks of life can buy a voucher from the nearest sales outlet and they will be one step away from having a functional bankroll.

Knowing your limits is generally a good practice in sports betting. You go and buy a voucher worth 10 or 100 dollars and know that this is the max you can spend on wagers, as opposed to having a bank card linked to your betting account. In that case, it’s always tempting to load money for one more round, which can become problematic in time.

Checking your balance is as easy as visiting and entering your 16-digit number. At the same time, you can singlehandedly lock PINs and request a refund if you feel like your money is in peril or your login has been compromised.

How Paysafecard Protects Your Money?

With a name apt as that you would expect that the company is an expert in safekeeping money and you won’t be far from the truth. One of the reasons Paysafecard gets an even break is by dint of its trustworthy payment and business model.

The security of your paysafecard account has the highest priority.Despite the ironclad security protocol employed by the firm, you’ll still have to respect its safety instructions. Not using unauthorized Paysafecard websites is a must. That includes passing PINs over e-mail providers and phone. This, coupled with the professionalism of the company will guarantee the safety of your money.

Paysafecard is the perfect buffer between you and the online service providers. You don’t need to give away bank account, credit card information or other sensitive details that could be intercepted by wrongdoers.

Last but not least the log-in page is encrypted as per the “https” standards require. An optional additional layer of security is the two-factor authentication you can enable at any time.

How to Withdraw from Paysafecard?

Betting is all about the payout in the end. Luckily Paysafecard work both ways – for inbound and outbound payments. The company’s new withdrawal service Payout permits gaming operators to send payments directly to a punter’s PIN. All you have to do is to provide a registered email. After the payout is through it becomes a piece of cake to withdraw the money via ATM with your Paysafecard Mastercard.

Link Paysafecard to PayPal

A quick and reliable payment method will no doubt put you on the fast track in your betting ventures, so once you have created a personal payments account, your best move will be to order a Paysafecard Mastercard. It usually takes 7 to 10 working days for the card to get delivered to your door. It works exactly like any credit card you may have and links flawlessly with PayPal. Both implements combined together are a powerful tool that opens the door to pretty much every sportsbook out there. In order to supply your card with funds, you can use directly your Paysafecard balance. After you transfer some funds to your Paysafecard Mastercard simply execute the following steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Select Link a card
  3. Input the number of your Paysafecard Mastercard
  4. In the betting site you’ve chosen, select PayPal as the payment method
  5. Select your Paysafecard Mastercard in PayPal and Confirm the payment

Is it possible to pay with paysafecard via PayPal?

Are There Any Fees Attached?

Refunding a PIN entails a fee of USD 6. This is a tax deducted from your deposit each time you top up a PIN as soon as the request has been processed. There’s also a monthly maintenance fee of USD 3 that becomes active on the 13th month. It will be deducted from the PIN’s remaining balance. Additionally, if you choose to top-up a Paysafecard Mastercard, you’ll be charged 4% of the transaction. One more thing to keep in mind is the annual USD 9 Paysafecard Mastercard fee, which gets automatically subtracted from your balance when signing up for a card.

On a side note, you’ll get charged a conversion fee each time a transaction involves a foreign currency. There’s no place for concerns however, the Paysafecard currency converter lets you know the exact rate before the exchange takes place.

My Paysafecard maintenance fee kicks in if you haven’t initiated any transactions in the last 12 months. Your account will then be taxed at the rate of USD 5 per month.

Paysafecard Betting is a Rewarding Experience

We don’t think that Paysafecard possesses the impetus to expunge the well-known ways of sending money. let us paraphrase a little bit, the breakthrough the firm made impacted sports betting deeply, but most punters still see the prepaid vouchers as a temporary alternative to let’s say PayPal and end up creating an e-wallet sooner or later.

Don’t take this to mean that Paysafecard is coming up short of our expectations. The platform is doing exceptionally well and is a hit with recreational gamblers. The integration of PayPal is we feel yet another step in the right direction. Being so widely accepted across the major sportsbooks, Paysafecard gives you a shot at a seamless and enjoyable betting experience to its fullest.

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