Betting Exchange Sites – Get an Edge over the Sportsbooks

If you want to experience the full measure of the thrilling universe of sports betting you’ve got to try a decent betting exchange. There’s nothing else quite like the excitement of beating other bettors in their game and making notable gains in the meantime. “Exchange” may bear a bit of an economics significance at first glance, but we assure you the only thing you’re going to be trading is bets.

If you’ve decided to make a go of it, you’ll find down below the betting exchanges list we’ve assembled, purified and tested by years of trial and error. We advise you to read our guide top to bottom as we’ll be chewing over all the hot topics related to this type of betting and generously throwing in our professional estimate on the matter.

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What is a Betting Exchange and How Do They Operate?

Above anything else, these platforms are designed to give back to punters, granting them more control and better alternatives in exchange for a small commission. If you think you deserve a better price on a match, why not try to sell the line you have in mind, laying or betting the odds you want.

A throwback to the stock market, the betting exchange allows you to “sell” and “buy” odds in real time. This really plays to punters who know what price they deserve and are determined to get it. In a typical betting exchange, you can set your won odds and wait until someone matches them.

Betting exchanges are not run by a bookie, they simply match requests of bettors and layers. Some of the sites do this on a very large scale, thus providing layers with bigger exposure and bettors with a diverse selection of markets.

How to Register in a Renowned Betting Exchange

Creating a betting account is no different than signing up with a bookie. To initiate the process, click on the customary Join Now button. Next is a routine, usually a three-step procedure in which you provide basic information about yourself including email and telephone number. The required information plays, on the one hand, an identification role and on the other hand, it’s the only way to restore your account should you forget the credentials thereof. In this line of thinking, we suggest you spend the time needed to properly set up an account and fill in all the blanks with the correct information.

Betting Exchanges Do One Better

Online sportsbooks have made betting easy and convenient to the point where an internet connection and a 5-minute registration will give you instant access to odds on all major sporting events. Then, how is that part of the problem? What created the demand for betting exchanges?

The answer lies in the way the bookies operate and how they do odds scraping. While all bookies feather their nest by laying odds that are not as efficient as they should be, the betting exchanges usually tax winning bets a fraction of the return. Right off the bat, we can drive a wedge between the two business models.

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Clearly, the way betting exchanges earn their profit is the more customer- friendly option because the house edge practically doesn’t exist. Furthermore, this business model appeals to punters because it leaves them with a lot of room to customize their bets. They decide the exact winning conditions and odds they want to bet or lay.

Unfortunately, this is where we get reminded that we depend on other punters. Our wagers, be it laid or bet, won’t bring us profit unless another user of the exchange reciprocates, meaning that they are satisfied with our conditions.

When two punters agree on the same conditions the bet is marked as matched and confirmed in the system and can’t be canceled. If the system can’t find a “customer”, your wager usually gets posted as an active offer in the exchange.

How to Lay the Loser

One of the great things about betting exchanges is the flexibility they give, in particular- the freedom to lay a loser. In formats such as horse racing, there are many participants and only one winner, which can be beneficial if you’re trying to make money on a losing horse. Though the bookies will try to sugar the pill in various ways, it’s not always worth it to bet the favourite, especially with a 1/10 potential return.

Instead of passing the buck, one way to get ahead of the profit-seeking sportsbooks is to lay odds against a contestant. Come to think of it, you won’t have to predict the winner ever again as long as you manage to dodge them. Just like that, you can get off the beaten track by exploiting the other site of betting – knowing who doesn’t have what it takes to win.

Just like so, punters can whip up a nice betting line that could bring profit if there’s someone to match it. Here’s something most people forget – after you send away your proposition it’s up to the other punters to bet it and make it so that you can expect something in return until then your offer won’t be in play.

If it’s a bet that you’ve submitted, should it not get matched eventually, you’ll get back the stake. In the case of odds laying, if no one bets your odds, then you obviously neither owe nor win any money.

Do Betting Exchanges Have Their Own Bonus Scheme?

Yes, it’s true that you can expect a bonus for signing up with a betting exchange. It goes against the grain in present days not to reward punters for joining. Some sites pride themselves on irresistible promotions for horse racing, while other accentuate more on sports like football or tennis. In any case, the range and orientation of the promotions hinges heavily on the current availability of major sporting events

The bottom line is, all big operators are sticklers for protocol and treat their customers properly with the full range of accepted bonuses – signup deals, event, and sport-specific ones. There are certain sportsbooks who also host a betting exchange and they certainly know the importance of regularly dishing out perks. Those experienced operators go to great lengths trying to accommodate their customers. Our educated guess suggests that you’ll find nonetheless impressive promotions as an exchange user.

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In Play and the Best Betting Exchanges

A feature that is often insisted to be the most highly appraised one when it comes to sports betting is In Play. We will keep it strictly professional and say that it certainly has its pros and cons, but for sure it can help you, make headway faster. Of course, if you gamble recklessly, stepping up a gear will make you dig yourself into a hole, so let’s see how to best approach live betting in the context of an exchange.

The fact is, betting In Play is so popular because the odds reflect the popular opinion rather than being controlled by the subjective rules of any sportsbook. With this in mind, we can see how the credo “buy the rumors, sell the news” also applies here. If you manage to sell your offer before the odds start to avalanche in the wrong direction you can call it a job well done.
Indeed, trapping is a big part of live betting in an exchange, it’s more like a game of chess than anything else. Punters who give as good as they get can participate in both laying and betting with the same success, but if you’ve just started, you might want to focus on only one of the two. After you master each aspect individually you can then use them to hedge bets or protect your winnings.

Is This a Regulated Activity?

No one’s asking you to forgo the reigning principle in sports betting, namely not to take unnecessary risks. While we can’t lay odds autonomously for the lack of a license, the betting exchanges we feature here are subject to regulation from the respective gambling commissions and are designed to assist you in your betting endeavours. We don’t recommend signing with an exchange that is not supervised because there’s no one to guarantee you’re going to get paid.

Betting exchange in one of the innovatie features in online gambling

Some Operators too Let You Bet Your Way

Many innovative 21st-century gambling operators endeavor to connect with their customers by challenging them to assemble unique betting lines and send them for approval. However, there’s no guarantee that your submission will be priced up or even looked at. Let this not surprise you, online gambling is a business and the people sitting behind it are looking after their own benefit first.

Still, this activity often conveyed over social media, is an escape from the customary betting habits and sometimes can yield profit too. Regardless, our opinion remains unchanged – the betting exchange come out as being the far more sophisticated platform with the better odds and offers.

A Broad Sweep of Markets Help Smarten Up Your Choice – Making

If we take a look below the surface of what seems to be a regular stock exchange, we’ll see that what’s driving the interest upwards is the increasing number of available betting markets. You can bet or lay practically everything – from major sports events to elections.

Much as it looks slanted towards the popular sports, a typical betting exchange encompasses not only those but also has many secondary categories on the side. Exploring the more obscure markets like Gaelic Games, for example, is always worth the while. You never know which angle will bring the most profit.

Even so, the hottest markets remain horse racing, football, and eSports and you stand the best chance of having your offer matched there. Among the usual suspects also can be found boxing, greyhound racing, motor sports, tennis, and basketball. The diversity you need to bolster up your chances of outwitting the competition is there. It all comes down to figuring out how to make hay of the events on offer.

By Players for Players – Why Betting Exchange?

Sometimes finding the best betting line can be a real nightmare, let alone accustom to the day-to-day movement of the odds. Even if you manage to find the exact betting line you were looking for, timing is still crucial for maximum efficiency. Considering the expansive information network, the major sportsbooks have going on, it comes as a no surprise that the odds get shorter the closer a fixture date gets.

In contrast, when betting on the exchange, you can shop for odds all you want because most offers come from recreational players who don’t necessarily follow the industry’s standards. This spices up the action all the more and you could happen on pretty creative betting lines every now and then.

Bookmakers or Betting Exchanges, Which’s Better?

We think we speak for all when we say that betting exchanges are the purest gambling experience one can possibly get. Even if you head into it off the back of a long and productive relationship with a new sportsbook, many a change will be for the better in our humble opinion.

In broad terms, the upsurge of exchange betting is due to the highest pay and unmatched flexibility. More and more punters tune in on the same wavelength when profitability is concerned and choose to leave it to the best betting exchanges to take their game to the next level.

Not only the technically savvy punters, but every gambler prefers to take matters in their own hands rather than letting a bookie call the shots. In our estimate, the way to go for practiced bettors that will earn them the biggest financial gain is grinding at the betting exchanges. All things considered, there isn’t a most profitable betting venue across the board.

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