Money Line Bet – Your Best Option for Day-to-Day Action

When you start betting regularly, you begin to appreciate the variety as well as the quality of the available lines. Having said that, the internet is filled with punters who like to go back to the roots and turn a penny from money lines. Built to last, this bet type has stood the test of time and lingers still up to today.

And there’s a good reason for that, it compliments the primary goal in every competitive endeavour, which is winning the match. While it takes a few seconds to grasp on to that idea, you may need years to perfect your money line betting, though, the fact that you winded up here means you are on the right track.

Judging by the enormous popularity, money line stacks up against, if not overshadow, the other wager lines in the face of claims that it’s outmoded. Clearly, this style holds its own. Don’t worry you’ll learn everything you need to know about it, our combined experience constitutes the degree of gambling competence that denotes an expert level of understanding.

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What’s the Money Line?

Fed up with the slippery spread, always catching you off guard? Money line betting boils down to which side or team will win the game, not taking into account by how much. Nothing more, nothing less, simply predict the straight-up winner for all the marbles. How and by what means, someone has been proclaimed winner has little importance in calculating the return.

That’s all there is. Some tend to overcomplicate something so simple. The point spread has been planned with the intention that both sides are balanced and will attract equal outlay, and this is the guaranteed profit scenario for the sportsbook accepting the bets. Whereas money lines are all about fine-tuning the odds, which the top betting operators are very good at.

What’s the Money Line and How to place it?

The beauty of it is the art of performing a balancing act so that the losing bets pay the winners. Many bookies do that at the cost of shorter odds which, on the other hand, dissuades punters from betting. This is how it works in theory – the odds elicit a larger or smaller wager in accordance with the likelihood of the respective outcome actually taking place. At the end of the day, those holding the short end of the stick pay for the party, while the bookie withholds a percentage of the losing wagers.

Reading a Moneyline

Moneyline also referred to as American odds, basically, let you know what you can win with 100 units of currency bet. This is only true when playing odds with a positive index. Also, you have to take notice of the minus sign in front, as it indicates the outcome favoured by the sportsbook. The minus essentially says the opposite – “you have to outlay this much in order to win one hundred”.

In that line of thought, what gives a great deal of misunderstanding is the definition of American odds itself. A bet of 100 units of currency isn’t mandatory for a money line to work. Your bet will be “healthy at any size” as they say, 10, 5, or as low as the minimum accepted by the bookie, it will do just fine. But then, it goes without saying, this will reflect in a smaller or bigger return.

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How Much Can I Win Betting on Money Line?

Not only is it a quick way of earning a bit on the side, but it’s also the most frequently found betting line, which guarantees some of the most competitive odds across the board. Similarly, to the majority of bet types, precisely the odds are the determining factor what your return will be. Pit your wits against the house and always endeavor to take the most favourable of odds.

Betting the underdog promises bigger profit, but earnings can be made backing the favourite as well if you grind systematically. Naturally, the stronger the team or competitor the lower they pay. If the sportsbooks were to fork out big anytime Anthony Joshua manhandles another boxer, everyone would be driving around Ferraris.

More so with money lines, you have to strike a balance between stake management and picking the right odds. Relying on the front-runners to keep forging ahead or playing small, but taking a bigger risk, find your middle ground and make a point of diversifying.

What Sports Usually Favour American Odds?

That would be the sports where every point can be crucial for the outcome of the game. Baseball, hockey, and football all exemplify that notion. However, horse racing, boxing, and tennis too fit the description. You can see money lines being offered quite often on any event where the two opposing sites are fairly comparable in strength. That means, more or less any game, under certain circumstances, could satisfy the necessary preconditions for a good money line. You just need to make sure that you’re very familiar with the winning conditions of the sport and your selection has got what it takes to claim the victory.

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Wager on Money Line

Technicalities shouldn’t be of any concern here because they are practically inexistent. Select the odds that float your boat, stake your wager, and confirm, it isn’t all that difficult right? The return is formed by multiplying your bet by the index when speaking fractional and decimal odds. When American odds are concerned, well, we already discussed that. It goes without saying that you need to have a registered betting account in order to place wagers of any sort.

Moneyline Parlays – An Advanced Strategy Promising Bigger Payouts

As the name implies, this strategy brings together two very common techniques, one being money line and the other – parlays, which is essentially stacking up many selections in the same bet. Normally, punters are allowed to combine as much as 14-15 selection, but you might wonder why do that in the first place? Well, the thing is your payout increases exponentially because the odds of all included selections multiply to form the total.

All constituents for a nice payday are in line, but this doesn’t mean to go on tilt trying too hard to win big. It sounds very appealing at first, but the trade-off is that should you miss any of your predictions, you forfeit the whole bet. Let’s not forget that you have to guess a few or several straight up wins in order to take a hold of that paycheck.

Things to Keep in Mind

Not only do the odds vary between the different bookies but they also change in time. For example, you may have the table of odds for next week’s sports programme but decide not to wager any money right away for lack of relevant information and analysis on the starting teams, weather conditions etc. The problem is, your sportsbook is always one step ahead in the information gathering department and will act on any news or updates by shortening the odds much faster than you think. Our top advice regarding money lines is the sooner the better, you can’t beat the house to the punch, but at the very least you ought to benefit from the higher initial odds.


We jogged our memory but couldn’t find a more appropriate betting line for a quick flutter than money line. You know how it goes, sometimes sticking to the basics is the best thing one can do. Not just a perfect outlet for your bettor instincts, the money line isn’t designed only for the lovers of low-scoring sports but entails a much wider scope of internationally recognized sporting events. We dare say this bet type holds up to scrutiny with its unpretentious interpretation of gambling’s basis – that is winner takes all. If you don’t want to spend too much time trying to fathom an overcomplicated betting system, then stick to the old-fashioned and tested method of money line betting.

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