Over Under Betting – What’s In it For You?

The gamut of betting options is somewhat incomplete without the ubiquitous these days, over/ under segment. We’d say it’s a must for every bookie as one too many punters find their safe heaven there. One of the types that flesh out the idea of prop wagers, Over/ Under is looking to pinch-hit for the other popular betting lines. It adds zest to any wager list and a pinch of diversity for those who generally stick to the, perceived as traditional, win lines.

Enough fooling around, you must be anxious to find out what we have to say about the pros and cons of this gambling style and the common strategies that go with it. We’ve laid out all the answers regarding over/ under in print, right here in our review. What you get is a plain-spoken overview juiced up with facts and tips. But before we get our hands dirty, let’s go all the way back to the beginning and clarify what’s with that over/ under business.

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Sports Betting Over Under Explained

Most online bookies are wall-to-wall bulging with betting lines, some of which we naturally take to and others demanding more time to sink in. For what we know, the bet type in question fits the first description better. Over/ under is generally easy to work with which is why most punters use it to add backbone to their accumulators. Just put it together with a few bank bets and watch the total rise.

Over/Under is among the most popular betting lines

But to put any kind of strategy to work, you first have to know its components like the palm of your hand. How to tell whether a betting line is a take or a pass? In so far as over/ under goes, things are pretty simple, you are challenged to predict if a countable element in a certain sport will go past or stay under a particular value. We know that concepts like this are best illustrated with an example, so we’ll do just that in the following paragraph.

How to Bet on Over Under Example

It’s time to get down to business with an example that will cast out any fallacies surrounding the bet type in question. Imagine that you’ve set eyes on a basketball game and shop around for odds. Along with the other propositions you see odds for Points Over/ Under. If this is an NBA match the number representing the margin could go up to just shy of two hundred. Take the number to mean that the bookie believes the total points scored will be somewhere in that neighborhood. Of course, no operator can foretell the future so a 185 roughly means that you can expect the overall points count to go somewhere near that value.

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When we look at it from this angle the similarity with spread betting becomes apparent. They are essentially the same thing without the progressively increasing total part. Your job is to cut it clean and make a concise prediction, whether the total is going to be under or over 185.5 points. Since it’s a two- way you can expect to double your money on a correct prediction, but sometimes the house edge won’t let you cash out exactly twice the size of your bet.

How to Read Over/ Under Odds

In case you stumble on a variation of the classic Over Under setup, it won’t be a far cry from what we already discussed. So, the basic principles you need to stick to are: identify what is the countable, (goals, points), recognize and appreciate the given margin, and finally – decide on which side to back.

Whatever the setup may be, there’s a general frame all bookies follow and it’s also the most intuitive one, which leaves us only with one thing to worry about and that’s the odds. By and large, both sides ought to be evenly matched in respect of implied probability so roughly this is the equivalent of a 2.00 index in European odds or the so-called Evens.

Over Under Example with American Odds

Chicago Bulls meets Atlanta Hawks in a Sunday clash, for the sake of argument, we’ll assume that the team from Chicago is a slight favourite. The average points total is estimated at 182.5 with -110 for Overs and +110 for Unders. If you flick through our betting guide you’ll quickly recognize what the plus and minus sign mean.

In a nutshell, the minus in -110 suggest that you should bet $110 for a potential $100 return. As for the alternative +110, thus formulated, the number means that you are in for a £110 win if you wager $100. The odds reveal that this sportsbook favours the over outcome. Even if you don’t take the line, this is quite the useful piece of free information.

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Full Review

Difference Between Total Score in Sports

While football is often associated with the 2.5 goals mark the bookies don’t always target a particular score for the rest of the sports. For instance, the whole range between 170 and 200 is reportedly valid for basketball over/ under, but above all, it depends on the bookie. By the same token, tennis total games played could fall into the range anywhere between 22 to 63 give or take a few. Remember to allow for extra time, every point or goal scored after the official time is up will also count towards the total.

Betting Tips and Hints – What Will Better Your Over Under Wagers?

History never repeats itself, but it rhymes they say. Although words like “likelihood” don’t usually excite that much attention, sometimes calculated probability is unambiguously slanted toward a particular outcome. Bone up on the past performance of the opposing teams, more specifically the head-to-head matches they had in the past.

Also, account for current form and lineup of both teams. If they are not going all-out, the match might end in an underwhelming result, hence satisfying the unders criteria. No one can predict if the coach will opt to play the bench or will instruct the players to park the bus, that’s why professional bettors deduce what’s the best move to make form objective statistical data.

This is about the strongest card you can play prior to an event, surround yourself with as much information as you can find about the two teams and eventually you’ll be able to single out one of the options – under or over.

Sum Up – What’s the Takeaway?

As with every innovative betting line, over/ under also gave rise to speculations about whether it’s an effective way of making money. Now it has become a habitual method of wagering, that enjoys attention from punters of all type and has a reserved place in most online sportsbooks. Well, there’s no accounting for taste, but in our view over/ under bets are a definite winner.

Not only do they diversify the field, they also turn a three-way outcome event into a binary one and could be your best friend when building a multiplier. It’s a universal betting line that spreads out across pretty much all sports, even the exotic ones since it’s so easy to implement. In our estimate, the over/ under market is very rookie-friendly and it takes literally seconds to start placing wagers there.

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