Parlay Betting – Your Guide to Leveraging the Best Bet Types

Few things jump out at us punters like a moneymaking betting strategy put into words by an expert. With our take on parlay betting, we hope to shed light on your questions about this widely-used technique. With our exhaustive guide you’ll quickly gain ground in the field of betting strategies.

We’ll outline the chief reasons so many players depend on parlays to build their bankrolls, see how thing work in reality, and while the iron is still hot, we’ll wrap everything up with a few pro tips. Join the ranks of rational bettors, and start wagering smart.

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What is a Parlay in Sports Betting?

You’re most probably asking yourself what else parlays can offer besides a weird-sounding name. This iconic wager from the past is ever so present nowadays, as its idea is very straightforward. Combining any two odds in a single bet is considered a parlay, also called “accumulator”. Adding more predictions (selections) to the betslip boosts the payout but also increases the risk of failure.

This brings us to our next point – a traditional accumulator yields no return if any of the predictions is incorrect. You’ll have to tick all the boxes to win the bet, though some betting systems allow for a mistake or two, but they will be the subject of another review. That right here is the foremost drawback that dissuades punters from stacking up too many selections.

What is Parlay betting and how its works?

Against this backdrop, there’s still room to maneuver. Aside from the number of selections, you can exert control by cherry-picking odds. Guessing a few low-odds selections seems like a feasible goal and at the end, your winnings won’t suffer either because of the multiplication. On the other hand, putting more than one underdog in the same betslip is pushing it a notch too hard – better not overreach yourself, but stay somewhere in the middle

Placing a Parlay – What’s the Holdup?

Your typical accumulator constitutes a large percentage of the bets placed on sports events. Some can argue all they want, but the truth of the matter is that placing a Parlay is easy and undemanding. It doesn’t require much calculations and there is only one possible win scenario, so the stake you enter will be the total you’re going to pay. What you see is what you get, there aren’t any strings attached or contingencies. That’s why the average player concentrates on waging parlays as opposed to single bets.

How Do Parlays Work?

Now we know that for your bet to be considered a Parlay, first you have to combine two or more selections. The potential return is calculated by multiplying the odds off all picks. This is the neat thing about parlays, you don’t have to dip into your savings to crank up the numbers. For example three selections, priced at 1.5, times a $10 bet yields $33. Not too shabby again considered the relatively small bet and number of selections.

Alternatively, you can opt to go for quite the number of picks with the idea to aggregate bigger potential winnings, but nailing more than three predictions straight up is a bit of a stretch. Not that it isn’t possible, and the pay will surely be worth it, but it’s just not considered common sense to try such a challenging move. However, the bookies are quite fond of seeing big accumulators being played and usually award additional incentives to encourage this risky endeavour.

Will Winning a Parlay Give You a Bonus?

The staple ingredient in the diet of any parlay lover is the bonus money most bookies generously dish out. This perk sometimes goes under the name Acca Boost and is meant to enhance your pay by a certain percentage. The margin increases progressively as the number of legs mounts up. In some cases going as high as a 10 – fold bet could earn you a 25% on top of your base winnings. The maximum number of legs that qualify for the promotion normally coincides with the general rules of the operator regarding parlay use. By and large, opt-in isn’t required, but the offer might be restricted to a specific market or events – most often than not, that being football fixtures.

How Many Selections Can I Add?

As far as common sense is concerned, anything more than a 4-fold will raise eyebrows – there’s just too many things that could go wrong. Anyway, we’re determined to get a little extreme in the interest of showing you where the sportsbooks draw the line. We’ve tested the limits many times and with many top-level bookies and we have to say the better part of them set the limit at around 14 legs, which is still a nice elbow room if you’re going to play vabanque.

Obviously, you’ll need a fair bit of luck betting a 14-fold, but that’s not it, it’s not the ultimate, uppermost limit for accumulators. For the sake of counter argument, some bookies would set the cap stupendously high – at 15-16. All by itself, the multiplier of a betslip this big will take you to the three or maybe even four-figure number expected payouts, albeit you’ll have to trust this one to luck. There’ you have it, though we digressed slightly from the main point, now you know what a one-quid wager can yield in theory.

Accumulator Jackpots

A labour of love, it’s almost impossible nowadays to come across a sportsbook that disregards the nearly century-old tradition of football pools. While most of the operators add their own spin to it, the goal is one and the same – to predict the outcome of a large number of events. Normally the buy-in is low enough to give more punters the chance to participate. If more than one player has accomplished the winning conditions, they all receive a share of the big prize. So, if you’ve set the heart on that allusive 10-fold accumulator that’s been bugging you for years, you’ll find a lot more value taking part in the football pool or jackpot event organized by your bookie, than simply combining your own fixtures.

How to Win Parlays?

As with everything about parlays, the winning conditions are pretty obvious too – make all the correct predictions and stay out of trouble. A cancelled event won’t hurt your bet though, its odds will be considered equal to 1.00, so that when multiplying by them the total doesn’t change. How to win big on parlays without pushing the envelope too hard is the million-dollar question. This is a multi-layered problem which we believe can be solved by adding another component to the equation, namely – in-play betting.

Did you know that accumulator boosts also play in the live betting markets? This is such a nice extra to have, though it’s not why we pointed out live betting as a stomping ground for sensible parlay bettors. Without a doubt, it’s easier to place bets once you’ve gathered first-hand info, but in-play does you one better. You get to wager many different lines for the same event and still form a nice accumulator without spreading yourself too thin on several fixtures.

What Does “Parlay” Mean to the Bettors?

First off, we saw the matter isn’t skin-deep and there’s many things you must perfect before accumulators start paying your bills. Secondly, if you don’t approach it with the right frame of mind it can bite you in the rear. Still, this betting type affords notable latitude to those punters, who are looking to speed up their game without putting much at stake. From the dream jackpot to attractive bonuses, Parlays have it all. They definitely live up to the hype as this betting style is extremely well-received in the renowned sportsbooks. If nothing, you ought to give it a try for the fair amount of related bonuses.

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